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It’s all about other worlds

I’ve been blogging now for about two years over at Great stories, and in that time I’ve posted on everything from Life of Pi and White Tiger to Twilight and Alice in Wonderland.

My aim with that blog has always been to chat about great stories, and I’ve tried to write posts that are not simply reviews, but also starting points for discussions about the nature of language and the power of narrative.

In the last 12 months, two very distinct themes have emerged: fantasy stories and everything else.

So … I’ve decided to keep blogging on the books that fall into the “everything else” category at Great stories, and have set this blog up to write exclusively about stories featuring “other worlds”, whether they be urban fantasy, paranormal thrillers, other world fantasy, paranormal romance etc.

To kick things off,  I’ve brought across posts from Great stories that fit this category and put them on this site as well (so apologies to readers who have already them). Yes, there’s a lot about the Twilight saga phenomenon, and while I can’t promise there won’t be more on that topic, it certainly won’t be the dominate theme of future posts.

My posts will now alternate between the two blogs, depending on the book I’m writing about and which site it will fit best on. Next up for this blog will be Lili St Crow’s Strange Angels series.

As  with Great stories, please feel free to leave comments on new and past posts!


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  1. Hey Paula

    Just checked out your ‘Other Worlds’ blog – love the name! Look forward to future posts.



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