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Hush, hush – Becca Fitzpatrick

If fallen angels are the next big thing in urban fantasy, then Becca Fitzpatrick’s Hush Hush sets an impressive benchmark in the sub-genre.

As a first-time novelist, Fitzpatrick absolutely nails the right mix of suspense, romance, action and killer dialogue in this fast-paced page-turner.

Quick synopsis: Nora’s a smart teenage girl known for her common sense, but when newcomer Patch hones in on her, she’s equal parts attracted and repelled by his sexually charged attention.

But when it becomes obvious someone’s stalking her – possibly with murderous intentions – Nora starts to wonder whether she should be paying attention to the darkness she often feels in Patch’s presence.

In Patch, Fitzpatrick has created a deliciously complex and ambiguous character. He’s no chivalrous, sensitive suitor. He’s a bad boy with a penchant for sly innuendo and unsociable behaviour, and relies on sensuality over charm.

Nora, too, is a likable character: she’s smart, self-effacing (minus any cloying false modesty) and honest about her attraction to Patch despite the danger he poses.

But Hush Hush is about more than dangerous (read: sexy) romance: it’s also a gripping thriller, with plenty of mystery and misdirection. There are murder suspects, stalkers, and attackers in ski masks – any or all of whom may or may not be Patch.

The fabulous cover leaves no doubt this is a story about fallen angels, but while Fitzpatrick unfolds her angelic mythology through the story, it’s far from predictable.

In fact, one of the things that makes Hush Hush so compelling is not knowing whether Patch is good or bad – and it takes almost the entire novel to find out.

A confession: I read Hush Hush in a day – something I haven’t done in a very long time (and I read a lot!). I’m even seriously contemplating re-reading it again straight away, to track the clever plot threads Fitzpatrick has so adeptly woven through this book (something I’ve never done).

A quick check of Becca Fitzpatrick’s website as reassured me there is more to come in this story. And that makes me almost embarrassingly happy.

Becca Fitzpatrick talks about Hush, Hush:


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  1. Just a short post after my long winded comment for ‘Fallen’! Looks like 2010 is off to a flying start, add this one to my ‘Books to read’ list :o)

  2. this book is really good. to view my review on Hush, Hush and other like reviews, visit Elfgirl Books!

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