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Hourglass – Claudia Gray

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Expectations have been high for the next instalment of Claudia Gray’s Evernight series, released a few weeks ago.

The first two novels made it onto best-seller lists and attracted a legion of fans who enjoyed Gray’s blend of gothic mystery, menace and romance.

The good news: Hourglass doesn’t disappoint. The bad news: it ends on a classic cliffhanger, and we now have to settle in for the wait for the next book.

One of the great things about this series is the twists and turns Gray provides, and I’m not going to spoil them here (so if you haven’t read the first two books, it’s safe to read on).

Let me just say this is a page-turning series populated by vampires, vampire hunters and wraiths. It revolves around Bianca and Lucas, whose families live on opposite sides of a long-running war and whose worlds collided at a gothic boarding school with more than few secrets.

The first novel, Evernight, introduced the main characters, mythology and the conflicted loyalties that would drive the story. Stargazer then built on the mystery and menace, heightening the tension with a few more twists.

In Hourglass, we pick up where we left off, with Bianca and Lucas still trapped with vampire hunters Black Cross, trying to bide their time until they can escape. But before the novel can turn into The Adventures of Bianca and Lucas in Black Cross, the larger story arc kicks in, sending the young lovers in new and unexpected directions.

The tangle of relationships and lies finally comes to a head, with more than one secret uncovered, and the pair find themselves learning the hard way that freedom and rebellion come with a price tag.

While Stargazer established the wraiths as a new threat for Bianca, Hourglass builds the tension further by starting to reveal their significance in her future.

Bianca (and her creator) love Romeo and Juliet, and there’s more than a nod to that classic tragedy in Hourglass. But Gray is skilled enough that it isn’t contrived, and Hourglass is paranormal fantasy , not Shakespeare, so things aren’t always what they seem…

Gray cleverly keeps readers guessing, and I like that the lines between the good and bad guys are often blurred, and her characters have to face the consequences of their decisions.

By the end of Hourglass, the rules have changed for all involved, and the scene is set for Bianca and Lucas to head into even more interesting – and tense – territory in the next book.

(Australian fans certainly love this series: Hourglass was the highest selling novel here – not just in the YA market – when it released last month, and has managed to stay there.)


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  1. With many desire of which it publishes in Spain! I die to discover the new drafts of the plot.

  2. This is an enjoyable series, isn’t it! I commented on your Évernight’ post that I loved the twist in the first book (I won’t give it away here, for those starting from scratch!), and Gray has delivered another ripper in ‘Hourglass’. Midway through ‘Hourglass’I did start to feel that the story was getting a bit bogged down in the lairs of Black Cross, but fortunately Gray picked the pace up again and moved the story on, with pleasing results. Looking forward to the next (final?) in the series.

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