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Kelley Armstrong – Darkest Powers

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These days, there are a growing number of quality paranormal/urban fantasy writers catering to both the adult and young adult markets.

One of the most prolific and popular is Kelley Armstrong.

After a dozen books in her “Women of the Otherworld” series, Armstrong released The Summoning in 2008, the first in her “Darkest Powers” young adult series. The Awakening followed in 2009, and last month (April 2010) The Reckoning hit the shelves.

The series centres on a group of teenagers who discover they not only have supernatural powers, but that they’ve been genetically engineered.

Without giving too much away, The Summoning provides the set up, The Awakening further develops the characters and the threats they face, and The Reckoning is the big showdown.

The series is definitely big on action, with serious character development kicking in he third book. In fact, The Reckoning is the pay-off for series for fans, on many levels.

The best scenes involve increasingly self-reliant necromancer Chloe (the narrator) and ill-tempered werewolf Derek. Their erratic relationship effectively drives the third book, even more so than the plot developments.

Armstrong is clearly aware how easily a story like this could fall into clichéd territory, and provides a nice variety of twists and inconvenient moments for her characters to avoid that fate.

She also ups the tension in The Reckoning, with more blood, ghosts and zombies than the previous two books combined.



While the third book provides closure on a number of fronts, it definitely leaves plenty of room for future stories.

The “Darkest Powers” series is aimed squarely at teen readers looking for an action-packed paranormal read. I’ve got two novels from the “Otherworld” series waiting on my shelf, and I’m keen to have a read and see how Armstrong delivers her stories when writing for a more adult audience.


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  1. Kelly Armstrong,
    Don’t know if you’ll be reading this most likely not. But, I just wanted to say I love your books! I hope you do write another book after the reckoning but if not, thats alright it was a really good series! Thank you so much!

    • Im 12 years old and i’ve read all the books in the Darkest powers I cried my eyes out because there wasn’t another book and there was so much you could have done you could have made like at lest 1 more like Chloe and them could have went to find the others and find Rea and she runs back into her old friend Royce who is now very angry with her will stop at nothing to get her to join him in the afterlife!

      hope you read,Cyaira

  2. Hey I read your Darkest Powers books and am now obsessed but I can’t believe you are leaving a cliffhanger like that-Chloe and her friends on the run with another group hunting them! Will you continue their story? I realllly hope so!

  3. Kelly you HAVE to write another book for the Darkest Powers series. I have to know what happens with Chole and Derek.

  4. kelly you relly have to write another darkest power book and im soo hooked i relly ne to know what happens whos this cabal giya? will chleo and dereks relationship go on or dose it end ?whats the truth about rea is she relly dead? does chleo lose control of her powers and something bad happen? will tori and simon ever know that they are brother and sitter? i’ve read your books 2 times and want to know whats going to happen to chleo and the gang every one i know at school want to know too please write a fourth.

    • Oh and we have to know who Mr.St.Cloud who is he why is he so important and is Davidoff Rea’s dad i mean real dad because he seems to really like Rea’s mom i mean he has her name as his computer password well had

  5. Do not tell me there is no book 4. Arrrrrgh. I really loved this series – great characters, super plot line. A little humor & some crazy mixed up kids with super natural powers. It can’t just end with them on the run – help a girl out here – – give us more!!!

  6. The 4th book will be the gathering.
    Not by Chloe. Sorry guys 🙂

    • what why but that’s who i wanna know about her Derek and Simon Rea Liz and Tori and maybe even Royce because he always made me giggle in the 3rd one so you have to make another one please please please please please please please please please please please please i’ll die with out it wow i sound like tori lol

    • O Mi Goodness.!!!!!!!!!!!! 😦 I can’t believe your not writing another book.! I love your books so much.! if your not going to write a book for us, write it for yourself. Think of it like an unfinished book. Now you have to finish.! At least one more.! PLEASE.?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?! Although I would never want them to end But still. Please.?? for your fans.?? 🙂 I’ve read the gathering and its not as good as the Darkest Powers seiries.! I hope you take this message into consideration and write another book.! 🙂 thank you so much for writing mym favorite books.! mabey one day they’llmake a movie of it so better get started writing that 4th one.! ;P bye bye.1
      p.s. your my hero.!!!!!!!!!!
      Natty :3

    • Really, now im bout to cry. will they have chole in that book somewere? i just love chole and derek and everything about the darkest powers books!! ❤

    • You have to make the 4th book for Darkest Powers fans! Please?

  7. OK you said that you don’t want to write another one because it could go on for every but just like let Liam come back and have Rea come back then like sum it up with some cool ending please it would mean the would to me if you said yes i would buy it the second it was at Walmart or on amazon please I’ve read the last one 15 times in 2 days saying she make another one just keep reading this one!

    • i mean it would mean the world to me if you did and i keep reading it saying she’ll make another one just keep reading this one ='(

  8. I have read your books and fell in LOVE with them.(I don’t know if the rumor is true that there is supposed to be 5 books in this series i hope so)if it’s not true I have to know what happens to Cloe and Derek and do Simon and Tori find out they are brother and sister?Please PLEASE write another.I’m 13 and loved it,I’m sure you get that alot,but my mom is 32 and she’s even hoping that there will be another!!!!

  9. me,myself-and-I

    what im so confused?!?!? is there going to be a book four or not? the gathering doesnt count because its not about chloe. i read one thing on the interent where people are saying there is and then other people say there isnt going to be one im so confused!

  10. Kelly Armstrong,

    hey, i hope your reading this. i love your Darkest powers series but can you please write a sequel to The Reckoning, PLEASE! I just can’t get enough of Chloe and Derek!

  11. hi, i juat finished reading the series and am really hoping you’ll write nother book, i seriously want to know what happens with Tori and Simon being related and does his dad tell them? and i wanna know badly if her aunt lauren ever just gives in and says ‘fine be together’ to her and derek and if kit helps her with controlling her powers.. PLEASE write at least one more book to tell everyone if they get away from the new group thats following them, what happens with derek and chloe and simon and tori and if they find the others and if she ever runs in to her dad again or if they stay together as a group find a house big enough for all of them and live together for the rest of the time and if they go to a new country to live and go to school…
    hope you consider writing a new one.. 🙂

  12. i was just reading the darkest powers again idk how many times i read it but they r so good i really hope u do wright another book about chloe, and derek, simon, tori, liz, i really want to know what happens to them i know you said you did not want to wright another one but i really hope u do i really love your books kelly i really do you give the the stregth to write my own books so please write more for chloe and the gang

  13. Kelley, i am in love with your books. I just finished the third book “the reckoning” and i need to know, will there be another one after it. i would just die, if there wasnt. There is soooo many things i need to know, like what will happen with Chloe and Derek. When will Tori and Simon know there related and if they will ever finally be safe . This series was probably one of the best i have ever read… and just wondering because i think it would be tottaly awesome, is there going to be a movie? well thanks :D…

  14. what are some other good books i could read by her? i was in love with chloe and derek from the first book i wanted those two to get together. im hoping she wrotes a fourth book because these were so awesome 🙂 but if not what are some other series thatll hook me in like this one??? i loved these books

  15. Sarah, have you read Carrie Jones’ series about pixies and werewolves? The first book is Need. I think you’ll like it (I did!). You might also enjoy Claudia Gray’s Evernight series if you haven’t already discovered it. 🙂

    • Kelley we all love the darkest powers series I’ve read so many other series none compared twilight looked ash next to darkest powers please I’m begging you to make fourth and I dont mean in the gathering if you don’t want to would you let a fan do it

  16. I need a fourth book! I fell in love with Derek and Cloe!!!!


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