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Favourite reads

**A more up-to-date version of this list is now on my author website:

Here are my all time favourite novels, linked to my reviews where they exist. They’re either books I loved, or books that changed me in some way.

I figured a list like this would make me narrow down my recommendations. It’s a living list, and will change as I make new discoveries …

I really can’t rank them, so these are alphabetised by title (which should keep my library friends happy.)

General fiction

Genre (OK, let’s just call it fantasy…)


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  1. Hey, I want to say I absolutely love your website and want to thank you for posting so many wonderful reviews. I also want to say my wife loves your website too. Out of curiosity, do you have an e-mail for inquiries about sending advanced review copies? Thanks!

    • Hi there. Thanks for that. Glad you like this blog 🙂 Sorry for the original confusion – I thought you were a reviewer.

      As you’ll see from the date of the most recent post on this blog (2011), I don’t actually post here anymore. I still read for pleasure, and share brief thoughts on books I enjoy over at Goodreads, but the demands of my own writing deadlines (and day job) mean I simply don’t have the time for in-depth reviews. I now only blog on my author site.

      I hope you understand. I wish you well for your urban fantasy novel. By all means let me know its name and a link to any information about it. Thanks.


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